The Bishop is the Chief Functionary of the Head Office and the Churches and he is the overall head of all departments. The Bishop is assisted by Director/Secretary and other clerical staff to run the Office The Church is divided into 5 Administrative Districts, each under a District Superintendent who is elected for a term of 3 years. There are ordained Pastors and Evangelists in each District to assist the District Superintendents.

The ministry of the Church is divided into Mission, Education, Youth, Women and Children Departments.



1. Lamka Division
2. Singngat Division
3. Sangaikot Division
4. Behiang Division
5. Thanlon Division
6. Mission Field (Manipur & Tripura)


  • Lamka Division Population
    Male : 1830
    Female : 1750
    Total : 3580
    Households : 550
  • Singngat Division Population
    Male : 1045
    Female : 990
    Total : 2035
    Households : 370
  • Gundung Division Population
    Male : 785
    Female : 815
    Total : 1600
    Households : 250
  • Behiang Division Population
    Male : 340
    Female : 280
    Total : 620
    Households : 150
  • Kailamnei Division Population
    Male : 200
    Female : 180
    Total : 380
    Households : 110
  • Shillong Lutheran Church
    Male : 130
    Female : 155
    Total : 285
    Households : 45
  • Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church, Delhi
    Male : 40
    Female : 35
    Total : 75
    Households : 20
    Total No. of households: 1495
    Total No. of Population: 8575


  • Ordained Pastors : 14
  • Evangelists : 04
  • Evangelist Teachers : 17
  • Missionary Teachers : 12
  • Missionary in the field : 03
  • Clerical Staff : 09
  • Women promoter : 01
  • Pensioners : 07


MELC has Mission field amongst the indigenous populace in Manipur’s Thoubal District. There are 9 Churches in the Mission field. In the year 2009 one Meitei Theologian was ordained as Pastor to work among the Meiteis.


MELC has 18 Mission Schools in remote areas where education is provided up to lower primary level. the church is still constrained financially to meet the demands of the members to upgrade these schools into high schools and higher secondary schools. One Junior High School is run at Chairel Mission Field called “Chairel Faith Academy”.


Presently, there are 16 theological students pursuing different degrees in various Theological Seminaries.


The main source of income of the Chruch is tithes from members. Other sources of income includes daily collection of a handful of rice, faith promises, freewill offerings, contribution from well wishers, School Admission fees etc.


To fulfil the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ and to transform the world into His likeliness.


  • Deepening of the Christian faith among believers
  • Sending more missionaries and plant more churches among the non-believers within and beyond Manipur State.
  • Ensure all round development of the Church members.


  • To plan more Churches
  • To train and equip Church leaders with different skills
  • To set up quality educational system
  • To take up more programmes for the upliftment and empowerment of women
  • To set up locally feasible income generating centres.
  • To root out drug abuse and alcoholism
  • To establish Orphanages and Homes for the aged
  • To fight antisocial elements
  • To establish continuum of Care Centre for HIV/AIDS affected persons.


Inspite of the economic hardships faced by the Church, as majority of the Church members are landless cultivators depending on Jhum (Slash and Burn) cultivation, displaced by the ethnic clashes in the year 1992 and in 1997 and also dislocation/displacement by the construction of Khuga Multipurpose Project.
God is enabling the church to continue to run the missionary fields among the non-believers.
MELC has been publishing monthly Christian Journals like Gospel Herald, Youth Bulletin and a weekly voice of Lutheran Youths in Zou dialect.
The MELC has currently employed 67 workers including 14 Ordained Pastors. The Church has 105 Ordained Church elders.

  • The MELC has its Head Office at Zomi Colony, with one storeyed pucca building.
  • It has 4 District Superintendent Offices cum Quarters.
  • ELWA (Women’s wing) has 5 buildings.
  • The Office has 1 Vehicle (Bolero), 1 Computer, 1 Laptop, 1 Generator and 9 of its Churches are pucca buildings.


  • In an era of gun culture, it is the biggest challenge to the Church to provide facilities that can guide the youths in the right path.
  • As more and more of the members succumbed to AIDS, it is a right time to provide intervention and care facilities.
  • The Church needs to combat rampant use of alcohol and drugs by the youths.
  • It is the burden of the Church to empower its members spiritually as well as economically.