Evangelical Lutheran Women Association

Evangelical Lutheran Women Association is the women wing of the Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church. It was initially established as Manipur Women Christian Association (MECA) on the 22nd February 1959 during the 1st Annual Session of the Presbyterian Church of Manipur (MPC) which was elstwhile established as the Jou Christian Association (JCA) at Tuolphei village. Upa Suonkham and Ms Nuamzavung were appointed as the Chairman and Secretary respectively. At present, ELWA has become one of the most important department of MELC.

Present Office Bearers

  • Nu Moiniang, Chairperson
  • Nu V. Hoiniang, Vice Chairperson
  • Nu Nuamzahat,Secretary
  • Nu Niangsangching, Asst. Secretary
  • Nu Thangkhanman, Moral and Religion
  • Nu Ngaihlawm, Talent
  • Nu Kimneimoi, Industries
  • Nu Ngaineikim, VDS Secretary
  • Nh. Vungdeinuam, Women Promoter


  1. Upa Khaamthang, 1976 apat June 19, 1982 tan sawltah kichawm.
  2. 1984 in ZCC Inpi mun leina in Rs.12,500.00 ana kituoh.
  3. 1987 in ZCC Innpi a diing in Rs.10,000.00 a kipie.
  4. Ms. Niengneiching, C. Th leh G.Th tan a kizilsah a Women Promotor in a kizang.
  5. Suongphu Biehinn lamna ding in Rs. 630.00 a kipie.
  6. ZWCA Government ah register a kibawl a, July 30, 2003 in ELWA in kiheng.
  7. 1991 in ZCC Compound ah Quarter thum Rs. 30,736.00 bei in a kilam a, Tuining khuo a EFCI bieh inn mun, Quarter leh a sung a van teng Rs. 30,000.00 in a kilei.
  8. 1992 in Gospel Galhangte Rs. 13,000.00 bei in a kisun.
  9. 1992 in Typewriter (Remington) 2, Rs. 10,492.00 in a kilei a, Headquarter Church lamna diing in Rs. 30,000.00 a kipia.
  10. 1996 kum in Office tungsawng lamna in Rs. 65,505.00 a kizang a tualeh Steel Almirah khat Rs. 3,600.00 in a kilei hi.
  11. 1997 in ZKKPte Generator leina diing in Rs. 8,000.00 a kipie hi.
  12. 2003 April in Office a zah diing Computer set khat a kilei hi.
  13. Tam a tung a kigenteng ban ah Chairel Mission Field a ding in hateng in Rs. 1,000.00 leh LYFte Rs. 500.00 a kipe gige hi.
  14. 2003 apat update bawl ding.

Vondei Sauliim (An Orphanage Home)

Vondei Sauliim, ‘the abode of loved ones‘ is a project single-handedly supported and maintained by ELWA. The home provides family-based care for parent-less children and advocates the concerns, rights, and needs of the mates. Vondei Sauliim is committed to the welfare of the children by providing basic needs and education. It is our vision that the destitute will have a bright future.

Vondei Sauliim’s work is based on the following pillars:

All the child has a caring parent, the mother of the Sauliim. The children have the sense of family ties and he or she grows up with a sense of responsibility and a spirit of sharing, A place where the child feels secure and has a sense of belonging.

So far, Vondei Sauliim have not receive any external financial support except the contribution made by some philanthropic organisations from time to time. The women wing of the church implement different mode of contributions through their units, districts and headquarter organisations.

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Kum 1959 in MPC Khawmpi Tualphai khuo ah nei ahia, tuami kum in lamkaite'n numeite zong a tuom a numei khawmpi neithei ding a phalpich uhi. A sai ding in Upa Suankham, Sehken leh Upa S. Neihau, Kotliante a guot uhi.

1960 kum in numei khawmpi a khatveina Mata Lambulane ah a kinei a, tuanah a min ding in Manipur Women Christian Association (M.W.C.A) chia phuoh ahi. Vaipo ding kitelna nei ahia, tam anuoi a bang ahi.

Upa M. Suankham - Chairman
Ms. Nuomzavung - Secretary
Upa S. Neihau - Adviser
Ms. Manzaching
Ms. Chingkhonieng
Ms. Chingzaniang
Ms. Lunkhoman

MWCA Silver Jubilee na ah MWCA pen ZWCA (Zomi Women Christian Association) chia hen ahi. 1999 kum in 40th Anniversary Celebration, Numei Manpha chia thupi a zang in Zomi Colony ah thupitah in a kizang hi. ZWCA min a kipotou pen 2002 in Evangelical Lutheran Women Association (ELWA) chi n a min a kihengta.

1960 apat a vawipote.

Chairman Term Secretary Term
Upa M. Suankham 1960 Ms. Nuomzavung  1960
Upa M. Suankham 1961-63 Ms. Hatkholam    1961-63
Upa Singchinzam         1971 Ms. Phiri 1971
Pastor Ginzapau 1972 Ms. Nuamzachiin 1972
Upa Singchinzam 1973 Ms. Phiri 1973
Pu Thongzagin 1974 Ms Chiinthang 1974
Upa Chinzakam 1975 Ms Songthanieng 1975
Upa Khaamthang 1976 Ms Veizanem 1976
Upa Zenhenpau 1977 Ms Goukhonieng 1977
Upa Chinzakam 1978 Ms Chiinthang 1978
Upa T. Donglam 1979 Ms Veizanem 1979
Upa Zenhenpau 1980 Ms Donzanieng 1980
Upa Chinzakhai 1981 Ms Chiinthang 1981
Upa T. Donglam 1982 Ms Goukhonieng 1982
Ms. Vungkhozen 1983 Ms Veizanem 1983
Upa T. Donglam 1984 Ms Goukhonieng 1984
Pastor Nengkhanmang 1985 Ms Lamkhoman 1985
Ms. Niangzadim 1986-87 Ms Nuomzavung 1986-87
Ms. Nuomzavung 1988-89 Ms Goukhonieng 1988-89
Ms. Chiinhau 1990-92 Ms Nuomzavung 1990-92
Ms. Tlangneizou 1993-95 Ms Nuomzavung 1993-95
Ms. Tlangneizou 1996 Ms Niangneiching 1996
Ms. Nuomzavung 1997-2000 Ms Goukhonieng 1997-2000
Ms. Nuomzavung 2001-2003 Ms Nuamneikim 2001-2003


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