To fulfill the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ and to transform the world into His likeliness.


Deepening of the Christian faith among believers, Sending more missionaries, and planting more churches among the non-believers within and beyond Manipur State. Ensure all-round development of the Church members.


1. To WORSHIP as a fellowship of believers seeking to provide opportunities for a personal encounter between God and man (Psalm 95:6; John 10:10).

2. To practice EVANGELISM by witnessing in the name of Jesus Christ by loving word and unselfish deed (Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 1:8; II Corinthians 5:11:20).

3. To promote MISSIONS by sharing Jesus Christ through ministries to all people in the community and with all people throughout the world (Matthew 24:40).

4. To grow through CHRISTIAN EDUCATION a fellowship of maturing Christians whose learning results in responsible living (II Peter 1:3-20; Acts 5:42; Psalms 119:11).


Bangkim bawlthei Pa Pasian, Lei leh Van siampa khu ka gingta hi.
(I believe in GOD, the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth,)

Atapa tangkhat Jesu Krist ka Mangpa ka gingta hi.
(And in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord,)

Ama khu Hagau Siangthou gaisah in,
(who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,)

Nungah Siangthou Mary in a hing a,
(born of the Virgin Mary,)

Pontia Pilate thu in a thuah a,
(suffered under Pontius Pilate,)

Kilbe in a um a, A shi a, vui in a um a,
(was crucified, died and was buried.)

Mishi khua ah ava pei a,
(He descended to the dead*.)

Nithum ni in mishi lah apat athou kia a,
(The third day He rose again from the dead.)

Van ah aka tou a,
(He ascended into heaven)

Pa Pasian bangkim bawlthei ziatlam ah atou a,
(and sits at the right hand of GOD the Father Almighty.)

Khuna patin mishi leh mihingte vaihawm pieh dingin ahing pei kia ding hi.
(From thence He will come to judge the living and the dead.)

Hagau Siangthou ka gingta hi.
(I believe in the Holy Spirit,)

Hattuam siangthou khu ka gingta hi.
(The Holy Christian Church,)

Misiangthoute kipawl khawmna ka gingta hi.
(The Communion of Saints,)

Khiel ngaidamna ka gingta hi.
(the forgiveness of sins,)

Tahsa thawkiana ka gingta hi.
(the resurrection of the body,)

Tangtawn hinna ka gingta hi. Amen.
(and the life everlasting. Amen)

*Or, “he descended into hell,”
another translation of this text in widespread use.

MANIPUR EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH MEMBER, Kouten amimal leh a Pawlpi inzong tam aney a Thuginpite Laisiengthou toh kituah a kibawl thugin ahi chi in ka puangkhia uhi. Tuate khu:-

  1. LAISIENGTHOU: Siemchilbu apat Kihilna tan Bu 66 tekhu Pasian Thu hing, Pasian huhahkhum, akikhel theilou, adihlou umlou, Pasian in tanglai a misiengthoute zanga ana gelsah, Pasian kihilna bukim; ginna leh nasepna dinga kibulphuna, dohding thutawp leh juiding umsun, lamkai lianpen leh tungnung pen ahi, chi kapom uhi.

  2. PASIAN A MI THUMTE: Pa, Tapa leh Hagau Siengthou pumkhat, akikhentheilou kumtawn a umkhawm zing ahi chi kapom uhi.

  3. PA PASIAN: Sil zousie siampa, piangsahpa leh keem chingpa, itna Pasian ahi, chi kapom uhi.

  4. TAPA: Jesu Khrist Pasian Tapa ngei, Pasian toh pumkhat, Hagau Siengthou silbawl theina a, nungah siengthou Mari sunga naungeh a hing pieng, khelna neilou mi zousie Mangpa leh Kumpipa, mi zousie Hundampa, mi zousie khelna zieha Kross tunga khaikaanga um, haankhuuhsung a vui aum, nithum nia Pasian silbawltheina a mishi lah a pat loupina tahsa toh kaithaw a um. Vantunga katou in, Pa ziatlam a touin, a gingtate gensahpa. Tualeh mihing leh mishite thukhen dingin, muthei in, silbawltheina thupitah toh a hing peikia ding hi, chi kapom uhi.

  5. HAGAU SIENGTHOU: Hinna pepa, Pa leh Tapa toh kikim Pasian thu zanga mite khelna kiphawhsah leh pianthana bulpi, Hamuanpa a gingtate susiengthoupa, a gingtate sunga teeng leh lamkai lienpen ahi chi ka pom uhi.

  6. MIHING: Mihing Pasian batpi a siam ahia, khelna a apua tah ziehun tahsa shina leh Hagau a Pasian toh kikhenna, leitung a mi zousie tungah ahing tungta hi. Khelna ziehin, mi zousie in Hundampa leh Tanpa akituulmaw tahi, chi kapom uhi.

  7. HUNDAMNA: Khelna zieha mihing zousie Pasian toh akikhen tah ziehin, Hundamna khu Pasian toh kilemkia theina lampi umsun khu ahi. Hundamna khu sep leh bawl phat jieh hilou in, Jesu Khrist in Kalvary a tatna asiamsa khu gintat a pomna, ginna jal a Pasian lungsietna a hutdam ahijaw hi. Hundamna khu Pasian ta hina ahi, chi kapawm uhi.

  8. THAWKIANA: Mi zousie khatvei shi dinga guatsa ahi ma bangin, mishi zousie athoukia ding uhi. Hundammite khu kumtawn nopna tang ding in, ashi theilou tahsa toh athoukia ding ua; hutdamlou mite khu kumtawn gimthuahna tang dingin, ashi theilou tahsa toh athoukia ding uhi chi ka pawm uhi.

  9. HATTUOM: A khelna uh ngaidam a um a, Jesu Khrist hinna, shina, thawkiana gingtate zousie khu hattuom ahi uhi. Tam hattuom khu leitunga Jesu Khrist nasep ban sem dinga ngansie ahia, Ama hingpei kia donga gin umtah a Khantanhoi gen ding leh Hagau mangthaite matna nasem ding chi ka pawm ahi.

  10. THUGOUSIE:  Hattuomte’n Thugousie Ni akinei a - Baptistma leh Mangpa Annsieng ahi. Baptisma khu gingtu zousien atan teitei ding ahia. Mangpa Annsieng khu gingtu baptisma tang zousie in aneh thei ding Mangpa thuahna theizinga Hattuomten abawl leng ding ahi, chi ka pawm uhi.

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