Women Self Help Group Membership Refresher Training for Lamka West Division was held at MELC HQ Church, Zomi Colony on the 14th June 2024. A professional trainer Mr Muana Buansing and Mr T. Zamlunmang Zou trained the trainees on a wide range of topics that are highly important for the SHG members. This training was conducted by Project Management Committee of the Manipur Evalgelical Lutheran Church under the project Sustainable Livelihood Enhancement Project (SLEP) whcih is funded by Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) since 2021. 

Free Medical Camp

Lamka May 25, 2024: MELC held a Free Medical Camp for the Internally Displaced Persons at several Relief Camps in collaboration with a team of FMMI Doctors.

Daijang May 21, 2024: MELC Church chapel was inaugurated at Daijang by the Bishop Rev Khup Do Khen. Daijang which was known as the Bethlehem of the Zou was the place where the first Zou Christian denomication called Jou Christian Association (JCA) was established, the Holy Bible was translated and Zomi National Congress was stated in this hamlet. 

Bishop toured Behiang division

Behiang Feb 25, 2024: MELC Moderator, Dy Moderator, Bishop, Director of Ministry and Director of Mission visited MELC Behiang Division at Behiang and Suangphu village on 25th February 2024. They attended Sunday worship service at Behiang MELC which was followed by an inclusive interaction with the division leaders from LCC, ELWA and LYF. The team moved to Suongphu village and held a satisfying meeting with the local leaders on various issues. It is expected this visit brings moral and spiritual boosting to the people of the division. The visiting team returned to Lamka late evening with dozens of issues to be discussed in detail. 

Pro-Pastor Induction Service

MELC Zumpi vaisaina nuoi ah, apeisa Nisimh 28th January 2024 (Pasianni) ni in Pro Pastor Induction tam anuoi a bang in akibawl hi.
a) Rt. Rev Khupdoukhen, Bishop in Pro Pastor Mangliansang khu Immanuel Khopi ah abawl hi.
b) Rev Suanboi Tungdim, Director of Ministries in Pro Pastor Mangsuankhai khu Khuangkhaijang ah abawl hi.
c) Rev Kamminthang Hangnung, Director of Mission in Pro Pastor Langzungthang khu Singngat ah abawl hi.

Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church 4th Bishop Consecration was held on the 21st January 2024 at MELC HQ. Church, Zomi Colony, Lamka Manipur. Rt. Rev. Dr. Hausuankap Manlun officiated the consecration program to Rev. Khup Do Khen to be the 4th Bishop of MELC. Moderator Jamzalam, Deputy Moderator Gouzalal Tungnung, Director of Ministry Rev. Ginsuonthang Tungdim and Director of Missions Rev Kamminthang were also officially annointed and delegated on the same day.

SHG Training

SHG Membership Training of Lamka East Division under Sustainable Livelihood Enhancement Project  (SLEP) at Bethel Chapel, Hiangzou MELC on 11-06-2024 which is funded by ELCA


Reported by the Bishop Rt. Rev. Khup Do Khen

It was on the 8th June 2024 that I step up with the Director of Mission, Rev. Kamminthang Hangnung toward Khiengjanglhang along with two devoted passengers for the Re-dedication program of the said church. By 6:30 am in the morning, we leave the Lamka town plying through the narrow and zig-zag road of the Tipaimukh Road. Earlier than our expectation, we safely arrived Aina village and gets down as the motor-able road for our destination ends then and there. There, Upa Thonga, an elder of the Zou Presbyterian Church Synod welcomes us in his comfortable home and serves us a delicious lunch with the famous tribal curry called ‘SINGTHUPI’ meticulously fried with extra care for us. Before starting to go on foot towards our destination, bearing in mind that we will be tired, worn and worry, we are very much emboldened to hear that those hilly villages with small number of houses have clear the weeds and thorny bushes of the path we are going to tread for the coming of the Bishop and his team. But that is only some part of it, within their village boundary only. The path we have trodden is very small. Going through such a small path covered by thorny bushes which cuts us and facing battalions of those colored and blood thirsty leeches is not a thing to be taken lightly. Most of our time has been spent removing those elongated body of striped leeches climbing upon us to suck our blood. But we strengthened ourselves by singing the ever encouraging song, “Mol le lhang sang jong leh che ding ka hi.”

With our shirts are soaked with our sweat, and feeling exhausted with hunger and thirst, we finally step into the Village called Khiengjanglhang, our final destination. The villagers warmly welcomed us, shook our hands and express their joy and happiness on seeing us arriving their village. We are led to the house of the Chief, whose name is called it, Pa Mang, who is amicable and friendly. Taking bath in the village small brook under the woods and listening to the singing of mountain birds (zo lawkta, pukalawm, sawnthang etc.) is quite refreshing and interesting. Seeing a group of playful children taking bath without underwear, leaping and shouting, and the village beautiful girls washing clothes, chatting a thousand topics and laughing in the protruding flat rock is also enjoyable.  The village chief, a token of his love and expressing his gratitude over the arrival of the Bishop’s team in his hilly remote village, offered the Bishop’s team with a delicious mutton, which is prepared by selected expert hands in the art. We all ate to our full. The speeches and the normal chatting of the Director of Missions and the Divisional Superintendent of Thanlon have been punctuated with humorous remarks which make the village folks smile unceasingly.

After a short while, the Church’s bell was rung by the ever vigilant Church Chowkidar signaling everyone in the village about the arrival of the Bishop’s team who are prepared to preach the gospel in the church. The church service is lively and interesting as the local youths presented heart touching songs singing enthusiastically. After the church service, the local youths divided themselves into groups and prepared the places in different houses where all the guests and the Bishop’s team are going to spend the night to sleep soundly. The next day dawned with a heavy rain, disturbing all walks of life for pretty long hours. But the villagers braved the rain, slaughtered the hill pig which is to be prepared for the community feast. This feast is to be had together after the Village local church has been pronounced and declared to be one belonging to the MANIPUR EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH, within the Thanlon Division. After having performed the solemn declaration of the church to be within the fold of the MELC by the Bishop with his long white robe, the red stole, and the properly plaited black rope of belt, everybody clapped their hands loudly echoing those green hills and vales around the village which might frighten the wild animals around the village.

Khiengjanglhang is a remote village situated between N.Leitan village and Nungshai village. It is around six kilometers from Aina village from where one has to walk on foot to go to the village. It consists of six households but big family members. It is not a motor able village and even two wheelers couldn’t travel in it. No electricity is there. The village is situated in a small hillock where plenty of fresh air is available. The villagers are simple, innocent and lovely. 


Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Global Mission te panpina (One Time Grant) tungtawn in COVID-19 RELIEF adia, Anntang hawmkhietna dingin tuzingkal Nai 7:30 AM vel in MELC Office ah Smt. Mannuamching, DC/District Magistrate, Pherzawl District, Manipur in FLAG OFF na nei in, tuazou in MELC Thanlon Division sung a 1st Phase hawmna nei dingin Bishop leh Project Manager lamkaina in kuankheta uhi. Lawchingtah a hawmkhiet ahi theinab ding leh maban a Division dangte azong buaina bangma umlou a hawmkhiet ahi theina ding in i thumna uah lanchiet vai.


Vondei Sauliim a um Esther Nianghoilam Class 10 passed kipahpih na vaiguon zanni dt 25/5/19 nitahlam dah 2:30pm in Martin Luther Hall MELC Campus ah Bishop MELC leh Managing Board VDS lamkaina in kinei hi.Vondei Sauliim a naupangte siamjilna a pawl som passed masapen ahina ah ikipah pih a, tamtan chiang hing pui Mangpa Pasian min phatin umhen! Bishop in kipahna maitam aneijou in Nh Lamnu adingin vang thumsahna neipieh hi. Board member peikhawm ten kipahpih etsahnan silpieh tuam2 pia uhi. Nh Lamnu apan thugen ngaikhiat ahia,aman agenna ah apianna nu-le-pa tunia dam hile uh alohchinna a kipahpih dingdan te uh gen a, MELC milip pumpi tungah kipah ahidan gen hi. Anu apa dam nonsih nan uleh tunia MELC a innsuan nu-le-pa tekhu anu apa bang a mu a deisahna leh itna atan te jal in kipahthu gen hi. Program jou in naupangte annehpihna kinei hi. Nh. Lamnu ahileh tukum 2019 BOSEM nuai a Tan Som laivuonna a (Chinkham Modern H/S tungtawn) a 2nd Div. a passed ahi hi. Ebenezer Pasian min thupi tahen!

~ Ngaineikim
Secretary, VDS M/B


Dt.25/5/2019: Tuni’n MELC Central Church Tuibuong hattuom in The 28th Anniversary Celebration-cum-Inauguration & Dedication of Church Building vaiguon thupitah in kizang a, tammi hun ah The Rt. Rev. Dr. S.K Manlun, Bishop MELC in Kum 28 Chinna Suong (Plaque) honna leh Biahinn honna leh latna nei hi. Tammi hun ah hattuomte a dinga chiemte tham leh thukipah huai mama khat ahileh Hattuom sunga Thununna nuai a umte leh sum-le-pai, bat-le-thaam neite zousie Siempi Rev. Dousuanthang tungtawn in ngaidamna phuon ahi. Bangteng tungah Mangpa’n thupina tang tahen.




Hun sotpi a ana pat uh Sugnu Biahinn Building Pasian mapuina toh dt. 25-11-2018 (Pasianni) in Rt. Rev. Dr. S.K. Manlun, Bishop MELC in ahonna nei hi. Tammi hun ah Head Office apat in Bishop leh DM lamkaina toh Gari 2 in kikuan a, tualeh a Division sunga Local tuomtuom ban ah a khosung a Pawl tuomtuom te’n zong vaiguon uap in, kipahpi thu agen ban uah silpieh tuomtuom piehna zong nei uhi.




A Website Building Workshop was held from the 17th to 28th September 2018 at CBCNEI Compound, Guwahati, Assam organized by Society for Promotional of Tribal Welfare and Development and Kalaam Media. The Closing Function of this Workshop & Website Launching Program was held on the 28th September 2018 at CBCNEI Conference Hall in which Ms. Kim Manchong presided the function with great enthusiasm. After an Welcome Address and introduction of the participants, Rev. Peter Ranglong had an opening prayer of the program. Mr. Dan had a short speech about the workshop and Website Launching for 19 organizations/assn./churches which was followed by the sharing of three trainees - Sanga, Peter, Libyon. In this function Rev. Helen (FMPB) also had a short sharing about the workshop and distribution of certificates to the participants. The program was end with a word of prayer by Pastor P. Khamthianmang, NTBC.

It’s a rare workshop which would truly enhance a Media Savvy and would really be a blessing to the organizations/associations/churches from where each participant represented it.



Dt. 17th apat 29 Sep 2018 sung teng dai dinga CBCNEI, Guwahati a Society for Promotional of Tribal Welfare & Development and Kalaam Media te saina a WEBSITE BUILDING WORKSHOP tuni  lawchingtah in peitou jel. A tawptan phattuompi ngei dinga training zawh ahithei na dingin Hattuomte’n hing na thumpi zing un chi’n ka hing ngen sonson hi.

Bang teng tungah Mangpa’n thupina tang tahen.

Kipah ing.

~ haupu/admin


MELC signed MoU with ELCA

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Hausuankap Manlun, Bishop MELC and his team arrived home safe and sound after signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America on the 15th July, 2018 at New Bongaigoan, Assam. It’s a milestone for the MELC who had dreamed of it since the time of its conversion to the Lutheran Church.

They have been rendered a warm welcome by veteran church leaders on the 17th July, 2018 at MELC HQ. Church, Zomi Colony.


  1. Both the parties pledged to cooperate in an equal partnership of Christian fellowship, to further the preaching of the Good News of Jesus Christ so that all people can come to accept the love and salvation of God.

  2. The Manipur Evangelical Lutheran Church (MELC) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) understand this companion relationship to be in no way exclusive and acknowledge and respect each other’s selfhood.

  3. Both the parties affirmed the unity of the Church in the Lord and agreed to strive together so that God’s love, justice, peace and salvation may be demonstrated in the world.

  4. They agreed to exchange information to enable to understand each other’s situation (culture, history, religious expressions, traditions, etc.) and fulfill their commitment of mutual solidarity.

  5. They also agreed to strive to strengthen their common Lutheran identity within the context of the global communion and the wider Asia region; and reflecting the contexts and times in which they live.

  6. Both Parties also agreed to provide opportunities for short or longer term exchanges of personnel [such as global personnel, pastors, evangelists, seminary students, women, young people, students, professors and specialists] for Christian fellowship, mutual enrichment, service, communication, study and observation; and mutual visits by church leaders.

  7. This MoU covers a wide range of agreements between the two denominations which is effective upon signing on this day of 15 July, 2018.


Apeisa Dt. 5/8/2018 (Pasianni) in MELC Missions Department te’n Upa P. Chinzahau, Mission Chairman lamkai in Imphal, Laimanai a um Muslim Christian Fellowshipte vena vanei ua, tuanah MELC Pawlpi min in panpina Rs. 10, 000/- (Ten thousand) apieh ban uah Pasian gam kelet sem ahina ding tupna toh thu-le-la kikupna zong nei uhi.

Tuanah amauh fellowship member mi 24 apha uhi. Amaute tungtawn a Muslimte lah a khantanhoi nasepna ahat semna dingin thumpi zing va ui.

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